On Vacation, Be Back Mid-June!

About Me


Hello! My name is Amy Jan Ernst, or you can also call me 李甜, and obviously I make pots. I was born in China, raised in Texas, and it was during my college years that I started my journey with clay.

I first took a ceramic course with Ruthie Schulz during a summer break and ever since then I love making pottery. In the beginning I learned how to make a range of daily items for use, such as bowls, mugs, plates, and trinket dishes. In the design work, I played with carving and found it very interesting to mix and experiment with glazes to see what color combinations would come out of the kiln after firing. 

Now, after graduation, I find myself coming back to the arts and wanting to pursue this in my life. To expand my knowledge in ceramics, I took a few courses at the local college in order to push my boundaries into incorporating the elements of art instead of thinking about making purely functional ware.

As I continue to grow and expand my artistry, I hope for my shop and line of products evolve from what you may see today. Some of my current projects include sculpture, working with porcelain (which is supposedly the bane of all potters, or crème de la crème, however you see it), and more specifically colored porcelain, designing porcelain jewelry, and finding my own style of art.

Well, I hope that my pots may bring you joy! Although if nothing resonates with your soul right now, check in again about a couple of months and I will have new designs and products to choose from!

See ya,

Amy ⊂(◉‿◉)つ